Paul Stoica is a writer of such talent he often feels compelled to write about himself in the third person. His writing motivations include artistic expression, intellectual fulfillment, self actualization, as well as power, money and the irrepressible need to feel superior to others.

Paul is the co-creator of global mega hit cartoon ToonMarty and story editor of Chop Chop Ninja – for which he received a Writer’s Guild of Canada nomination. His past experience includes writing for live action series, animation, prank shows, quizzes, various French/English adaptations as well as miscellaneous short movies, stand up routines and online videos.

Paul has ten years of online video distribution experience, holding such prestigious positions as Director of web operations at the Just For laughs gags and Editor in chief of / JustePourRire.Com. From time to time, he still offers his services as expensive-consultant for online video content. Paul managed various online video channels including the Just For Laughs Gags YouTube channel, where he notably grew the channel from nothing to over 5 million subscribers and over 2 Billion lifetime views. He also briefly ran a small online video management and consulting company, Happy Box Digital.

This website will eventually be updated with more self-promoting mumbo jumbo, but until then, please visit Paul’s IMDB for a semi-not-totally-useless version of his resume or contact him directly through his lovely assistant, Jane Real, at